Color Wow Root Cover Up - Winner of 30 Industry Awards

About Coor Wow

Gail Federici Color Wow CEOColor Wow Conquers The Hair Care problem of the decade: The short-lived joy of new hair color

Color Wow is the latest innovation from Gail Federici, co-founder of John Frieda’s hair care company and
visionary behind their ground-breaking formulas created to address problems specific to frizzy hair
and blondes.

Formulated by Dr. Joe Cincotta, PhD cosmetic chemist, Color Wow is a complete range of new
technologies that resolve problems associated with color-treated hair….including dreaded roots…
AND amp up the “wow factor!” everyday.

For the 75% of women who color their hair (single process, highlights or a combination of both),
Color Wow is a life-changer.

No more roots..ever! No brassiness, dullness or fading! No dry or dull texture!
Less money, less stress and strain on the hair, fewer salon appointments.


Giles Robinson - Color Wow

Stylist, educator, brand ambassador and media representative, Giles Robinson is a “demo dynamo” in the world of international hair styling.

As Director, Training and Education for Color Wow (Federici Brands’ breakthrough hair care range dedicated to solving all the problems related to color-treated hair) Robinson combines his artistic background and stylist training with his charismatic talent as a clear, engaging communicator…on air, online and in personal appearances.

A senior stylist and fourteen-year veteran of John Frieda Salons, UK, Robinson splits his time between hairdressing and editorial work in his native London and working on Color Wow education and events at Federici Brands’ US headquarters.

At John Frieda’s prestigious UK salons, Robinson works with an elite clientele including high-profile royals, celebrities and diplomats. His approach to hair design is simple, straightforward and highly individualized. His talent working with hair is matched only by his talent listening to clients’ personal point of view, fashion sensibilities and lifestyle demands. His philosophy: “There is no one answer to hair design. To me, success is being able to create an amazing, bespoke look for every individual that defines their personal beauty. And that involves lots of incisive, honest conversation….followed by lots of painstakingly precise, architectural cutting.” Robinson began his career at John Frieda salons at age 16. Fascinated by fashion, called upon as a “personal shopper” to friends and relatives at an early age, he gravitated to hairdressing as a way to express his creative sense of style. Quickly recognized for his talented eye, Robinson was taken under John Frieda’s wing and enlisted as his assistant at prominent editorial shoots, major press events and product education seminars. Beyond his artisitic styling skills, it became apparent that Robinson excelled in presenting complex information in clear, compelling and entertaining ways to all manner of audiences: stylists, consumers and the press.

As a QVC presenter for the Color Wow brand, on both UK and the US networks, Giles’s knowledgeable commentary and easy nature have delighted viewers and garnered unprecedented sales of these unique color-treated hair problem-solving formulas, particularly the award-winning Root Cover Up powder. “I’m really excited about Color Wow products and continually amazed by the instant, visible transformation that occurs when the Root Cover Up completely covers roots or the styling products completely change the texture of hair.

When I do the hair on live TV, the show hosts get really excited…..but I still get “wow’d” every time!”

Kevin Moss Color Wow

Kevin Moss possesses a passion for hair, an eye for style, a charming wit and a whole lot of “wow!”

A noteworthy start-up stylist at 15, Moss enjoyed a worldwide, A-list clientele before the age of 20. His work caught the eye of British stylist/business magnate John Frieda, who saw in Moss artistic sensibilities, attention to detail and creative skills similar to his own.

Frieda became Moss’s friend, mentor and employer, ultimately naming him Creative Director of his UK salons. There, Moss looks after a high-profile, international clientele, including celebrities, fashion editors, heads of state and royalty.

“Many of my clients live high visibility lives and are constantly in the public eye. They need to count on great hair, perfect hair color, 24/7, which has been virtually impossible until Color Wow Root Cover Up.”

But the same holds true for all women, in the limelight or not. No one wants to deal with a bad hair day. Much less a bad hair color day. Color Wow is going to have life-changing impact on every woman who colors her hair – and that’s every woman I know!”

Moss’s expertise and affiliation with John Frieda brought him together with Gail Federici, co-founder of John’s original product company and current CEO of Federici Brands, the beauty innovation company behind Color Wow’s range of breakthrough color care formulas.