How to Pony Up Like A Rock Star

How to Pony Up Like A Rock Star

Celebrity stylist Chris Appleton is a major fan of the classic ponytail... 
with a twist. When it comes to taking this basic look from 
girl-next-door to girl-on-fire, Chris proves he’s no one-trick pony.

Clip extensions into 
if desired.

Split hair into 2 sections.

(1) Leave about 2 inches 
in the front. 

(2) Pull the rest back into 
pony tail.

Combine the 2 sections by 
raking the front section back 
with your fingers, adding it to 
the back ponytail. Secure with 
a bungee elastic.

Finish the look by using Color 
Wow Root Cover Up to fill in 
the hairline. This makes fine 
hair look thicker and evens 
out crooked hairlines.
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