Bombshell Volumizer
Super-thick, super-full, super-luxe hair

Futuristic foamy froth with fortifying Bamboo volumises fine, thin, limp hair without damage, dehydration or weighing hair down. Thick, voluminous hair results last for days.


No harmful ingredients would ever make it into a Color Wow Formula. Plus, we take it one step further. We banned over 60 ingredients commonly found in other hair care formulas that can darken or distort your colour.


Bombshell Volumizer
Super-thick, super-full, super-luxe hair

Futuristic foamy froth with fortifying Bamboo volumises fine, thin, limp hair without damage, dehydration or weighing hair down. Thick, voluminous hair results last for days.



  • Non-damaging, non-dehydrating, non-invasive hair volumiser
  • Thickens strands without using the typical “thickening” ingredients such as alcohol, salt, or resins, that create volume by forcing up the cuticle so strands don’t lie flat
  • Proprietary polymer/Bamboo blend surrounds each strand, mimicking “cuticle lifting” hair thickeners to create volume while allowing hair’s cuticle to remain closed and intact
  • Hair feels natural and supple (not stiff, sticky or crispy)
  • Gives flimsy, hard-to-style hair new “guts + grab” texture that can hold a style
  • Texture, body and voluminous results last for days

Anyone with fine, skinny, thin, limp hair who wants thick, full hair. Major volume without getting dull hair that looks dehydrated, feels rough, or is weighed down. Delivers big bold bombshell hairstyles with long-lasting volume that don’t flop or fall flat. Ideal for all fine hair types and textures including fine curly hair. Gives flimsy hair style-holding grip. Safe for colour-treated hair and chemically treated hair.

Apply to damp hair. Dispense 2-3 pumps worth of foam into hands and pull through a section of hair from top to ends, continue until all hair is covered. Comb through to distribute evenly. Style. Can be blow dried or air dried.

Typical volumising products use hair-dehydrating ingredients (alcohol, salt and drying resins) to dry out and force open hair’s protective, outer cuticle layer. When the cuticles are roughed up and raised, hair strands can’t lay flat, creating the effect of thicker, full-volume hair. However! Opening the cuticle is very damaging, and leads to dehydration, frizz, brittleness.

Xtra Large uses totally new volumising technology: a weightless yet bulky polymer blend, fortified with strand-strengthening BAMBOO, that mimics a raised outer cuticle layer but leaves hair’s essential cuticle layer smooth, intact, and hydrated. The result? Instant voluptuous, sexy “naked” volume, body, guts and grip without compromising hair health.

What hair types is Xtra Large good for?
Perfect for fine, thin, limp, lank, lifeless, flat hair. Ideal for hair that flops and falls flat and cannot retain a style. And for anyone looking to volumise or add body, thickness and texture.

Does Xtra Large work on curly hair?
Yes! This strand formula amplifies all fine hair strands, whether the hair is straight, wavy or curly. And because it’s “weightless” Xtra Large creates thicker, fuller curl bundles without causing droop.

How is Xtra Large different from other hair thickeners?
Popular volumising products today use ingredients (alcohol, salt and drying resins) to dry out and open hair’s cuticle layer so that hair strands can’t lay flat. This creates the look of bigger, fuller hair...but damages hair’s health! Xtra Large is the future of volumising….. breakthrough polymer technology resurfaces strands to create “naked volume” AND give fine hair a slightly grippy texture so it can finally hold a style.

Does Xtra Large dehydrate or damage hair like many volumising products?
Xtra Large does NOT make hair fuller by forcing open hair’s critical, protective cuticle layer which can result in loss of moisture, frizz, brittleness and breakage. Xtra Large is a safer, healthier approach to volumising because it leaves the cuticle layer smooth, intact, hydrated.

What does the product feel like in your hair?
Hair feels completely natural (like there is no product on the hair) but super full, thick, and soft (but not fluffy!) No stiffness, stickiness or crunch. Hair has body movement and thicker texture that has style-holding grip.

Is Xtra Large a root lifting formula?
No, Xtra Large is applied throughout hair, and thickens and expands the entire length of hair for major mass, body and volume from root to end. If desired, it can be used in combination with a root lift formula like (Raise the Root) for even bigger, higher hair styles.

Is Xtra Large safe to use on colour treated hair?
Yes, Xtra Large is safe to use on hair that has been chemically treated (colour, permed, or chemically straightened.)

What are the key ingredients in Xtra Large?
Proprietary polymer (inflatable molecular-chain technology) – creates weightless texture on hair’s surface to mimic the volumising effects of roughened, raised cuticle, while leaving the actual cuticle intact.

Bamboo extract - natural amino acids strengthen, protect colour, promote shine.


Thermal proctection.

No sulphates, no phthalates, no essential oils, no colour distorting agents, gluten-free, vegan.

Can you use Xtra Large with other Color Wow hair thickening products?
Yes! Xtra Large can be layered with other Color Wow thickening treatments and styling products for amplified results without dulling or drying hair, or weighing it down. Specifically:

Dream Cocktail Carb-Infused – heat-activated, leave-in blow-dry treatment plumps strands by surrounding them with a weightless carb-based layer.

Raise the Root – targeted styling spray (applied to wet or dry hair) delivers major lift and volume specifically at the roots for long-lasting, elevated volume and fuller looking styles.

Style on Steroids – Non-chalky, non-drying texture spray works on dry hair to zhuzh up flat styles and create instant, fuller sexy texture.


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