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On April 10, 2016, over one hundred salons throughout New England opened their doors, and their hearts, to participate in the 7th annual HAIRraising Cut-a-thon.

A charitable organization founded by beauty industry veterans and business partners Gail Federici and John Frieda, HAIRraising unites the professional hair care industry to support Boston Children’s Hospital which has been repeatedly ranked  “number one children’s hospital” by U.S. News & World Report. One hundred  percent of proceeds go to the hospital.  To date HAIRraising has raised over $1 million dollars.

“ I am blown away by the generosity and enthusiasm of the many salons that join us, more and more every year. We call them our “big-hearted salons”, and we are so grateful for their support. ” – Gail Federici

Salons that join the HAIRraising Cut-a-thon are listed on the website’s “Big Hearted Salon locator” and receive free tips and promotional materials to help make the event a success. But there is no shortage of creative fund-raising ideas among participants.

Some turn the whole cut-a-thon day into a fair or carnival. Most offer one-day-only services and discounts to customers: a win-win tactic that boosts goodwill and business for the salons and benefits Boston Children’s Hospital.

Long-time HAIRraising supporter Gretta Monahan, owner of Boston-based salon Grettacole, credits her enthusiastic salon team for inventive ideas like a raffle for a year of free haircuts, for the price of one. “We wanted to break our prior HAIRraising record,” states Monahan, “and we actually tripled our goal!” Monahan, who serves on the HAIRraising board, looks forward to an even more successful 2017!

John D’Onofrio, owner of Jade Salon in Connecticut and another HAIRraising veteran, offers prizes from local businesses and hosts a silent auction. After three years, many of Jade’s clients look forward to annual HAIRraising festivities. D’Onofrio’s own motivation is simple and heartfelt: “I want to give a child a better quality of life.”

HAIRraising plans for 2017 are to extend outreach beyond New England and engage salons nationwide, helping to spread the message that Boston Children’s Hospital is the preeminent source of hope and help to sick children worldwide.

To sign up or learn more about HAIRraising, please visit hairraising.com.

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