Chris Appleton’s Hairstyling Tips:
 Hairspray Hacks Edition

Tell us if this sounds relatable: You just spent the last hour smoothing, primping, and fussing over your hair trying to create an ultra glam, super sleek ‘do… and yet, you have flyaways galore, more bumps and lumps than an unpaved road, and so many bobby pins it looks straight up ridiculous. *Cue the anxiety* Can someone come in with some hairstyling tips please?!

Ohhh yes, we’ve all been there. On the verge of giving up, desperately willing our hair to just freakin’ cooperate. Sigh. What’s a girl to do? Turn to celebrity stylist, Chris Appleton whose hairstyling hacks are total game changers.

He’s the king of coming up with foolproof tips and tricks that work miracles on stubborn hair. Yup, our mane man Chris Appleton (stylist to Kim K, JLo, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry) is once again dropping some serious knowledge (in the form of hairstyling tips) so we can learn how he creates flawless styles on Hollywood’s A-list celebs. #Blessed.

So what’s his secret weapon for creating flyaway-free, bump-free, super sleek hair perfection? Hairspray! And no, we don’t just mean a general misting and you’re good to go. Although these hacks are just as quick and easy but with *way* better results.

Yes, hairspray, but not just any regular hairspray. In order to create flawless styles, Chris Appleton needs a hairspray that’s strong enough to hold up through a night of red carpet events and after parties while also still allowing the hair to move naturally (aka, no helmet head!). His go-to? Color Wow Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray.

Made with flexibility in mind, this unique hairspray provides long-lasting hold while keeping the hair soft, brushable, touchable, and willing to twist and bend as you want. So flyaways and lumps? Don’t stand a chance. BONUS: Unlike typical hairsprays, it also helps preserve your brilliant color in that it doesn’t contain any ingredients that will yellow, darken, dull, or distort your color. So your perfectly coiffed styles not only stay in place, but remain glossy, bright, and full of shine. Talk about a major win!

So now that you know Chris Appleton’s secret weapon for flawless hair, are you ready for the mind-blowing ways he uses it?? Check out his hairspray tips and tricks below.

Hairstyling Tip #1: Use a toothbrush or curling iron to tame flyaways

If stubborn flyaways make you want to give up and gel your hair back into a stiff, albeit flyaway-free look, Chris has a much easier (and much softer looking!) trick for you. If you have flyaways on the crown or sides of your head, spray a toothbrush with Cult Favorite, then gently brush down the strands. Or, if you have flyaways on your ponytail, bun or updo, mist it over with Cult Favorite, then use a hot curling iron to lightly smooth the hairs down. Both of these tricks “literally [lock the hairs] into place, and they won’t move at all now,” Chris says. Bye bye flyaways!!

Hairstyling Tip #2: Use a brush to evenly apply hairspray

Sure, you can mist your hair over with a general spritzing of hairspray and cross your fingers that your hair stays put… OR, you could do it like Chris and apply Cult Favorite to a paddle brush first, then brush it through to apply. “It helps to spread an even amount of hairspray throughout the hair. And also, for me, it gives me more control,” Chris says. This trick is perfect for brushing out curls so they remain soft but still hold their shape all day.

Hairstyling Tip #3: Bobby pin replacement

Remember when we said Cult Favorite has a long-lasting, firm hold? You’re about to see how true that is. Whenever Chris creates a snatched ponytail, he loves to disguise the hair tie by wrapping a strand of hair around it. But instead of securing it with bobby pins that stick out all over and detract from the finished look, he uses Cult Favorite!

“The wrap is really, really important, so I like to use the hairspray on it cause it keeps it nice and tight. And it actually helps to support the ponytail,” Chris says. “Really drench the wrap in hairspray, and then we’re gonna dry it with a hairdryer, therefore we won’t need any pins or any grips to hold it. ‘Cause once you have this ponytail at the base, you don’t want to put any more pressure on the scalp.” Genius, honestly.

Hairstyling Tip #4: Spray roots with hairspray for a sleek ponytail

Can’t get your ponytails to stay sleek and lump-free? Chris suggests thoroughly spraying your roots with Cult Favorite (or as he calls it, sandwiching the hairspray between sections of hair) before brushing your hair back into a ponytail.

“So when we pull the hair up in a ponytail, it’s super flat with no lumps or bumps, and that’s one of the most important parts for the perfect ponytail,” Chris says. He also recommends tilting your head back while brushing the ponytail into place for an even smoother finish as this prevents your hair from sagging in the back.