Philosophy, Policies, Practices

Is Color Wow tested on animals?

Color Wow is not tested on animals.


Purchase, Shipping and Returns

Where can I buy Color Wow?

In the US:

  • Ulta stores nationwide and
  • John Frieda salons
  • QVC and

In the UK:

  • QVC UK and
  • SpaceNK and
  • John Frieda salons

In Australia:

  • Hairhouse Warehouse
  • TVSN and

Do you have free samples of your products to try?

We currently don't have free sample sizes of our products. However, we do offer travel sizes of several of our products.

What are shipping costs?

In the US:  Free Shipping on all orders over $50

In the UK: Free Shipping on UK orders only over £45

Shipping outside of the UK: £7.50 throughout the European Union



How often can/should I use Root Cover Up?

You can/should use the Root Cover Up to cover any greys or dark re-growth as it appears. The Root Cover Up will stay in your hair until you shampoo it out.

How long does Root Cover Up last?

Root Cover Up will last in your hair from shampoo to shampoo. That means it will stay in place if you sweat, get caught in the rain or even go swimming. You need to actually shampoo your hair in order for Root Cover Up to be removed.

Is the product ammonia-free?

The product is free of dyes, waxes and ammonia.

Will Root Cover Up dry out my hair?

The formula itself is a revolutionary professional powder compound that will not dry out or alter the condition of your hair.

Can I use Root Cover Up powder on chemically relaxed or permed hair?

Root Cover Up is perfectly suited for all chemically-treated hair.

I have Color Wow Root Cover Up in my hair, but want to color it.  Do I need to wash out Root Cover Up before coloring?

Yes, before any new color service, it's recommended that you wash out Root Cover Up before applying color.

Can I use Root Cover Up powder on my eyebrows?

Root Cover Up, although not designed for use on eyebrows, can and has been used on eyebrows with great results. Use the small end of the brush (or any small-tipped brush to allow for precise application). Apply only a very small amount of powder to the eyebrows.

Can I use Root Cover Up powder to cover up small bald spots?

The Root Cover Up mineral powder looks best when applied to hair. However, if you want to conceal areas of balding or thinning on the top of your head, you can certainly apply a small amount of powder to the scalp. Be careful to avoid over-applying so as to prevent the powder from coming off of your scalp.

How do I style with Root Cover Up powder?

Our Root Cover Up powder should be the very last step in the styling process.  Once you have finished styling, cover any visible grey roots or dark re-growth.

Shade Selection

How do I choose the best shade to match my hair color?

Consult the before and after images on our site to identify the shade closest to your hair color. The reflective pigments in our Root Cover Up are very forgiving & versatile. If you are between shades, we recommend selecting the darker shade.

Should I/Can I use more than one shade at a time?

Yes, you can certainly use more than one shade if so desired. For example, if you have grey hair and highlights, you can use a dark shade to cover the grey roots and then blonde to refresh the highlights.

Can I give myself temporary highlights with your Root Cover Up?

Our Root Cover Up is perfect for refreshing highlights in lightened/highlighted hair. It's meant to cover dark roots/re-growth at the part line. However, it's not meant to create a full streak or highlight in the hair.

How do I use Pop & Lock Shellac?

Apply Pop & Lock to lightly towel-dried hair and distribute throughout hair evenly.  Then style your hair as normal (i.e. blow-dry, flat-iron).  You can then use a bit more on dry hair as a finisher to tame any frizz or fly-a-way hairs, and to add another layer of incredible shine once you have completed styling. You should start with a dime-sized amount of product and then used more as needed.

Color Wow Security Shampoo and Conditioner

Can Color Wow Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner be used on hair that has had a Keratin treatment?

Yes, the Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner formulas are sodium chloride free and are safe to use on hair that has had a Keratin Treatment or any other chemical treatment.