At Color Wow, we’re fanatical about the ingredients that go into our products. But not all of them can be measured in a lab. Our “secret” ingredients are the intangibles…the "people" part of formulations. The passion, purpose, heart and caring we pour into every product.

It all starts at the top with our unique collaboration of experts: Color Wow founder and CEO Gail Federici, our in-house chemist, Dr. Joe Cincotta, and our Global Creative Director, Chris Appleton, rockstar celebrity stylist.

Together, those three make for some pretty GOOD CHEMISTRY! A rare cross-pollination of expertise from different hair gurus, each obsessed with creating new products that really make a difference to all women (and men).

Gail Federici has consumers’ interest at heart.

Legendary product innovator, our boss lady has been listening to women and solving their worst hair problems (frizz, brassy blonde, roots, hair thinning, dehydration, etc) with game-changing formulas for decades.

Dr. Joe Cincotta, PhD Organic Chemistry, interacts with hair on a micro-molecular level.

Always researching safer, more efficacious ingredients to strengthen, repair and bring hair to a whole new level of health and vitality. He and Federici have made history over the years, developing the first product ranges for frizzy hair, for blonde hair and for beachy hair. They are problem solvers to their very core.

Chris Appleton brings his own passion for making a difference to women’s lives.

His obsessive attention to detail and his unparalleled mastery over his medium has made him invaluable to the A-list celebs around the world. His input on product development and his creative expertise is the perfect complement to this team who are truly dedicated to solving women’s most frustrating hair problems.

This Team of Titans has won an unparalleled 70+ awards for their innovative Color Wow brand.

Empathy, science, artistry. What happens when you factor them into formulas? You get a whole new breed of super safe, high-performance, truly innovative, healthy hair products.