Upgrade your basic hair routine (and outdated hair products) to a science-backed Dream Regime. With Color Wow's ground-breaking new technologies, you can hit your ultimate hair goals!


Want to take the Dream Regime for a “test drive”? Try your regime on for size with this travel kit

Dream Regime Self Care Travel Kit
DREAM REGIME SELF CARE The perfect travel squad to “re-set” your hair routine...and upgrade to a cleaner, high-performance routine. Get ready for mind-blowing results you have to see to believe!
$56.00 $42.00


Start your day by detoxing your hair with Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover Spray

Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover
DREAM FILTER Gentle spray works in under 3 minutes to remove minerals (from tap water) that distort your color and make your hair dull and rough.


Switch to a unique "no residue" shampoo (that won't dull your hair or cause thinning) for your cleanest, freshest, glossiest hair possible

Color Security Shampoo
COLOR SECURITY SHAMPOO The first safe, smart sulfate-free shampoo made without any ingredients found in typical shampoos (like silicones, oils, conditioning agents, thickening agents, pearlising agents) that leave filmy residues which make hair dull, weigh it down or worst of all, block follicles and impede hair growth.


Treat and repair your hair texture every time you blow-dry with a heat-protectant Dream Cocktail

Dream Cocktail Kale-Infused
DREAM COCKTAIL Heat-activated, leave-in treatment reduces breakage by 50% with just one use!
Dream Cocktail Carb-Infused
DREAM COCKTAIL Heat-activated, leave-in treatment thickens skinny strands for instant fuller, high-volume hair.
Dream Cocktail Coconut-Infused
DREAM COCKTAIL Heat-activated, leave-in treatment restores silky fluidity to dry, straw-like hair.


Get silky, glossy, glass-like strands (+ defy frizz for days) with Dream Coat anti-humidity spray

Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Treatment
DREAM COAT Game-changing, heat-activated formula creates an imperceptible, moisture-repellant surface. Delivers glossy, glassy-smooth texture plus “you need to see it to believe it” humidity proofing! Lasts through 3 to 4 shampoos.

Totally transform your curls: Create perfectly hydrated, silky, glossy curls with Dream Coat for curly hair

Dream Coat For Curly Hair
DREAM COAT Breakthrough, light-as-water spray air-dries to deliver the silky, glossy, perfectly defined, "crunch-free" curls of your dreams!